Turning Waste Into Treasure - INTCO Recycling Provides One-stop Polystyrene Recycling Solution

Polystyrene, also known as expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) , is commonly used as a packaging material to protect fragile items in transit. Nearly 10 million tons of polystyrene are produced worldwide each year, which can meet the packaging needs of transportation, food and other industries, and its output is still rising.

However, as much as 98% of polystyrene waste ends up in the waste stream, accounting for 25% to 30% of landfills. The polystyrene foam box is composed of 95% air and 5% foam; due to its large volume and low weight ratio, even a small amount of foam material can quickly fill up trash bins and containers.

Polystyrene foam can be recycled and reused as raw materials for plastics and materials for heat generation. Turn waste into treasure – this is the most ideal way to dispose of waste foam. Those trying to recycle waste polystyrene foam have been struggling to find an effective and affordable way.

INTCO Recycling is the leading provider of renewable polystyrene foam solutions, who has been dedicated to providing customers across the world with integrated polystyrene recycling solutions for 15 years.

Manufacturing Polystyrene Recycling Machine

INTCO Recycling manufactures and sells GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machines according to customers' requests.  The GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine can compress the waste polystyrene foam at a ratio up to 90:1, greatly reducing the storage space and transportation costs.

Purchasing Compressed Polystyrene Blocks

INTCO Recycling purchases compressed and densified EPS foam waste from around the world and transports it to a recycling plant in Malaysia for high-quality recycled granulation.

Reusing to Make New Decoration Products

The EPS pellets are reprocessed into frame strips and then assembled into photo frames, picture frames, mirror frames and other products, which are sold again all over the world for home decoration.

Making INTCO Recycling Your First Choice

INTCO Recycling has focused on serving high-and-mid-end consumers in the North American and European for over 10 years, where we have built our reputation by offering high quality GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machines. Our VIP partners include RICOH, Foxconn, Sohnen, Marine Harvest, Whirlpool Nestlé Waters,Pepsi , etc.

Based on rich experience and customer feedback, GREENMAX has been recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of polystyrene recycling machines by continuously improving machine performance and providing one-stop polystyrene recycling solutions.