Polystyrene Melting Machine - GREENMAX Hot Melter

Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars Series

GREENMAX Mars Series Hot Melter is a polystyrene melting machine equipped with the screw melting technology, specialized in reducing the volume of waste expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) by crushing, hot melting and extrusion molding.

When the polystyrene melting machine starts, throw the waste polystyrene foam into the machine hopper where it is crushed into small pieces, then drop into the screw part where the crushed foam pieces will be pushed out and then melted by heating parts. Finally, the polystyrene waste will become the hot melted ingots with the density of 90:1, greatly saving transportation and storage costs. This heat-induced densification process is tested and certified by specialist agencies to be efficient, intelligent and safe.

Appliable Materials

EPS/Expanded Polystyrene

EPS/Expanded Polystyrene Dust

EPE/Expanded Polyethylene

XPS/Extruded Polystyrene

PSP/Polystyrene Paper (Food tray and Cups)

EPP/Expanded Polypropylene

Polystyrene Melting Machine Advantages

1. True Throughput

The GREENMAX Mars Series polystyrene melting machine has a true throughput of 50kg~300kg/hr.

2. High Product Density

The GREENMAX polystyrene melting machine generates a finished block/ingot density of about 600~800kg/m3.

3. Rebate on Finished Product

With good finished product density you will be able to achieve the highest rebate on the material you produce, and GREENMAX purchases your polystyrene hot melted ingots.

4. Easy 5S Management

EPS will be compressed out as a soft paste, and finally hard like a stone after cooling. The surface of the finished material does not shed off any “snow”.

5. Customized Machine

GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine can be customized according to your waste, plant size and budget.

Based on the different production capacity per hour,  GREENMAX MARS Series polystyrene melting machine is divided into four models:

Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C50
Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C100
Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C200
Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C300

Why Choose the GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine?

GREENMAX Mars Series Polystyrene Melting Machine compares well on price to its competitors in the Australian market when you compare on key criteria such as:

● True demonstrated throughput – Converts to labour cost
● Relative power – Not power efficiency but total grunt to process reliably
● Quality of electrical componentry, machining, welding and motor/gearbox combinations.
● Robustness of construction, I.e. machine weight, material thickness, screw shaft diameter, extrudate orifice diameter, strength of chain drive.
● Highest reliability in the world with common parts stocked in Australia.
● Maintenance packages available at competitive rates.