GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C100

GREENMAX polystyrene melting machine Mars C100 (M-C100) reduces the volume of dry foamed EPS by crushing, hot melting and extrusion molding. The high-capacity extrusion technology developed by GREENMAX can help reduce the volume of the exported material (called the hot melt block) to 1/90 of the original collected polystyrene.

Based on the excellent properties of Mars C50, a double shaft crushing cutter is equipped in the Mars C100 polystyrene recycling machine, the heavy duty crushing of which can process solid EPS and EPP boards. Mars C100 is suitable for companies with expensive local labor who want to reduce operation hours or have large and hard materials to be processed.


1. Low Power Consumption & High Cost Performance

M-C100 is the medium model of Mars Series polystyrene melting machine, features small footprint, low power consumption and high cost performance.

2. True Throughput

GREENMAX Mars C100 has a true throughput of 10~15 m3/h.

3. Heavy Duty Crushing

Mars C100 is equipped with a double shaft crushing cutter and the heavy duty crushing of which can process solid EPS and EPP boards.

4. Customized Design Upon Your Needs

GREENMAX M-C100 polystyrene recycling machine can be customized upon your needs, an upgrade equipment based on which can be used to handle EPE, EPP etc. besides EPS waste.

Technical Data



Compression Ratio


Compressed Density

600~800kg/cubic meter

Motor Power Consumption


Small Footprint

1500mm deep and 2030mm long

GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine M-C100 Case Video