GREENMAX Beverage Dewatering Machine Poseidon C350

GREENMAX Beverage Dewatering Machine Poseidon C350 (P-C350) is the medium model of Poseidon Series, providing a high efficient way to do the destruction and dewatering together at a time. Poseidon C350 can handle beverage or drinking products like PET bottles, aluminum cans, beverage cartons and yogurt cups.

Beverage Packaging like expired beer and cola bottles should first be shattered into flakes once they are recycled. The GREENMAX Poseidon C350 is especially designed for dewatering and compacting containers and packaging like PET bottles, aluminum cans and yogurt cups. After the whole compacting process, the waste packaging material can be easily recycled to make other products.


1. True Throughput

The GREENMAX Poseidon C350 beverage dewatering machine has a true throughput of 350kg/hr.

2. Save Cost & Space

The beverage dewatering machine compacts some expired soft drink packages after dewatering at a ratio of 10:1, saving space for future disposal, as well as labor and processing costs.

3. High-quality Components

Equipped with reputable SIEMENS, PHOENIX, SCHNEIDER, NSK components, GREENMAX beverage dewatering machine ensures great safety, reliability and durability.

4. Customized Machine

The GREENMAX Poseidon beverage dewatering machine can be customized upon your beverage recycling system without any charge.




Screw Reduction Ratio


Bottle Volume Reduction


Compressed PET Density


Total Power Consumption


GREENMAX Beverage Dewatering Machine P-C350 Case Video