EPS Dust Recycling

What is EPS Dust?

EPS dust is usually generated during the process of grinding, especially the processing of EPS cutting by polystyrene manufacturers. Due to the light weight, easy adhesion and flammability of EPS Dust, many EPS product manufacturers with EPS as the core material are starving to find a good way to deal with EPS dust.

EPS Dust Hazards

Here are seven essential things you should know about EPS Dust, however you handle or use it. You should consider these in your DSEAR assessment of the storage and use of EPS in your workplace.

● Avoid inhalation. If the EPS dust from polystyrene beads is inhaled, it may cause temporary irritation and coughing. Overexposure to high concentrations of EPS dust for a long time will do great harm to our health.

● Personnel/Equipment Safety. EPS waste can easily adhere to the human body or the equipment, causing adverse effects on the workshop environment and the staff, thus causing the machine to malfunction or reducing work efficiency.

● Explosion Hazard. Raw EPS contains a flammable gas, usually pentane. If the EPS dust accumulates in large quantities, it may suspend in the air and/or cause a dust explosion under certain conditions.

Good housekeeping should be employed throughout the work area to limit the build up of dust. Where practical, the following should be enforced: Dust from cutting and grinding operations should be collected and removed; All ignition sources must be strictly eliminated in areas where dust clouds might form.

EPS Dust Recycling

Like the EPS Recycling, the waste EPS dust can be recycled by the EPS recycling machines. GREENMAX Mars Series Hot Melter is usually an effective way to deal with EPS dust.

Put the EPS dust into the hot melting machine directly or load it in a big bag and drop it to the melter slowly, then EPS dust will be melted after heating, and the melted EPS dust is squeezed out. After cooling and extrusion, the foaming powder becomes a compact EPS ingot, and the volume reduction ratio can reach 90: 1. In this way, the labor is saved a lot, and the melted EPS ingots will save much storage space, Zand create profits by selling it to the recyclers.

The EPS melting machine fits all types of foam materials, which can also be used to compress your polystyrene scrap and so on.

Why Choose GreenMax Mars EPS Dust Recycling Machine?

1. Suitable for all kinds of foam materials, including EPS, EPP, EPE, etc;

2.Occupy less space as Mars Hot Melting Machine melts the EPS dust into dense blocks;

3.Competitive price in market with high quality and excellent after-sale services.