GREENMAX EPS melting machine effectively handles EPS dust in the Bonder factory

Bondor is founded in 1963, with headquarter in QLD, Australia, part of the global Metecno group. So far there are 5 factories across Australia. In 2020, Bondor bought Norfoam Australia based in Townsville and Innisfail, QLD Australia.

Bondor has earned its place as Australia's leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels for walling & roofing, by being the countries only manufacturer and leading innovator of EPS-FR cored panel, Factory Mutual Approved PIR cored panel and FM Approved mineral fiber cored panel.

During the production of insulation panels at the Bondor factory, lots of EPS dust would generate by trimming panels and a small volume of EPS off-cut. Initially, Bondor operators used a vacuum to accumulate EPS dust, and they needed to empty the dust bag and change the bag every 30 minutes, which exhausts a lot of labor. To make matters worse, the EPS dust will be scattered in the workshop when the gas cylinder bag is replaced, which makes it difficult to keep the factory clean and tidy, and a large amount of dust accumulation in the air also poses a potential explosion risk.

In Feb 2020, Steve @ Bondor found Wenny Xiong who is in charge of Australia market @ INTCO Recycling. With 10 years of experience in EPS recycling, after understanding the above-mentioned problems faced by Bondor, Wenny discussed with the GREENMAX engineering team and custom-designed an overall solution for EPS dust in the Bondor plant. The design is adapted to Bondor's building, which has a height of 5 meters and a large amount of EPS dust and off-cut. After several modifications by the GREENMAX engineer team, Bond finally confirmed the following design drawings.

In the custom design provided by GREENMAX to Bondor, the hopper used to process EPS dust is about 10 cubic meters, which is directly connected to the vacuum system to accumulate EPS dust, and the EPS Hot Melting Machine can melt the offcut and dust into ingots with a compression ratio of 90:1. The system can accumulate dust and melt it into ingots (like a stone after cooling), eliminating the need to change gas cylinder bags, therefore saving a lot of labor costs, and the melted EPS can also bring rebates to Bondor.

So far, the system provided by GREENMAX has been in operation in Bondor's factory for more than 6 months, which has greatly improved the sanitary environment of the factory and eliminated the potential explosion hazard caused by EPS dust accumulation. More importantly, the GREENMAX EPS Hot Melting machine not only improves the efficiency of processing EPS dust and offcuts, but also reduces labor costs, which helps Bondor get more profit in the long run.