Expandable Polyethylene

What is EPE?

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) is a polyethylene foam produced by extrusion of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material. EPE is composed of many independent bubbles generated by chemical or physical foaming. EPE foam is light weight and flexible to absorb impact force and disperse energy buffering items from external forces.

EPE foam is widely used in the packaging of high-end furniture, electronic products, medicinal products and other valuable and fragile goods. Combining with other high-end decorative fabrics and flannel, EPE has a luxurious style without losing its good impact protection effect. The most important is that the used EPE foam waste can be recycled to produce new packaging materials, which helps save natural resources and protect the environment.

EPE Recycling

EPE foam is difficult to be recycled because of its high elasticity. EPE cannot be compressed tightly if it only depends on physical compression, resulting in loose and unformed foam scraps. GREENMAX, as a foam recycling specialist, has upgraded the Mars Series Hot Melter for densifying EPE foam.

GREENMAX Mars Series EPE recycling machine equipped with a crusher and double screw can crush the waste EPE foam into small pieces and then extrude them out as dense ingots.

The screw melting technology of the EPE melting machine enables a high compression ratio of 90:1, which helps to reduce the storage space and the transportation costs.

EPE Recycling Case Video