GREENMAX Foam Crusher

GREENMAX foam Crusher is a foam recycling machine equipped with an efficient heavy crusher driven by two powerful motors, which is able to shred all kinds of foam, especially PE foam, EPS, EPP into  small chunks with the diameter of 20-50 mm,  reducing the volume of waste foam therefore saving the storage and transportation cost.

Applicable Materials

GREENMAX Foam Crusher  is able to break foams of all size and density, including  EPS/polystyrene foam, EPE, EPP, etc.

EPS Chunks

EPE Scraps


1. Save Cost & Space

GREENMAX Foam Crusher helps save cost and space by crushing all kinds of waste foam, especially PE and EPS foam reducing waste hauling.

2. Ease Operation

Simple, Safe, One-person operation

3. Customized Machine For You

GREENMAX Foam Crusher can be customized according to your waste, plant size and budget, since the density and size of the foam is crucial for the choice of pre-crusher solution and motor size.

4. Environment Responsibility

Earn public relations points as a green business



200-800 kg/h

Power Consumption

2*4 KW (Or according to your request)

Shipping Dimensions

According to your request

Hopper Opening




GREENMAX Foam Crusher Case Video