GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C50

GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C50 (M-C50) is the basic model of the Mars Series, the polystyrene recycling equipment specialized in reducing the volume of polystyrene waste with a high volume extrusion technology.

The volume ratio of the polystyrene compressed material that has been hot-melted by Mars C50 to the original foam waste can reach 90:1, which is convenient for transportation and recycling of granulated raw materials.  Besides the polystyrene waste, Mars C-50 can also handle foam materials such as EPE, EPP, XPS, PSP, food tableware and fish boxes. M-C50 is well suited for small warehouse, stores, shopping centers or primary EPS recyclers.


1. Low Power Consumption & High Cost Efficiency

M-C50 is the basic model of Mars Series polystyrene melting machine, features small footprint, low power consumption and high cost efficiency.

2. True throughput

GREENMAX Mars C50 has a true throughput of 50kgs per hour (5m3~8 m3).

3. Customized Design Upon Your Needs

The GREENMAX M-C50 polystyrene recycling machine can be customized upon your needs. It can be used on EPS, EPE and EPP if ordered with the EPE/EPP upgrade.

Technical Data



Compression Ratio


Compressed Density

600~800kg/cubic meter

Motor Power Consumption


Smallest Footprint

1085mm deep and 1410mm long

GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine M-C50 Case