Polystyrene is a common packaging material and is often used to protect appliances and furniture during transportation. Whether you are buying a washing machine or an air conditioner, you will find a lot of polystyrene inside when you unpack it.

When people order an electrical appliance or furniture, the retail store will help deliver it to the door and recycle packaging materials such as polystyrene and cardboard, so a large amount of polystyrene gathers to the store. Most retail stores choose to recycle cardboard but place the polystyrene foam into rubbish bins, where they need to pay high costs of disposal.

The waste polystyrene packaging produced in the retail industry is basically of good quality, white and clean, without any tape or label on it, so it is easier to recycle and has a higher value than other types of polystyrene. Considering the limited space in the stores, GREENMAX recommends the small unit M-C100, M-C50 or A-C100 polystyrene recycling machines for such businesses.

GREENMAX EPS Recycling Machine for Retail Industry

Mars Polystyrene Melting Machine M-C100
Mars Polystyrene Melting Machine M-C50
Apolo Polystyrene Compactor A-C100

Winning Appliance

This cooling system of the EPS Hot Melting Machine is expected to save $6,600 per month in labor for Winning Appliance, while successfully turned the EPS recycling project back into profit.