GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C200

GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine Mars C200 (M-C200) is the best-selling model of Mars Series polystyrene recycling equipment for many years. The maximum capacity of Mars C200 can reach 200kg~300kg/h, which ensures that foam manufacturers recycle foam waste in a timely manner during the production process.

Greenmax Mars C200 is specialized in waste plastic foam recycling by adding heating parts to melt and extrude purge blocks. The applicable materials included EPS, PE Foam, EPP, PSP, XPS etc. M-C200 is suitable for end customers with large amounts of foam waste or those who want to do long-term EPS recycling business.


1. High Capacity & High Efficiency

M-C200 is the best-selling model of Mars Series polystyrene melting machine, featuring high capacity and high efficiency.

2. True throughput

GREENMAX Mars C200 has a true throughput of 20~30 m3/h.

3. Strong Crushing System

Mars C200 is equipped with a strong crushing system and can be used to process solid EPS and EPP boards.

4. Customized Design Upon Your Needs

GREENMAX M-C200 polystyrene recycling machine can be customized upon your needs, an upgrade equipment based on which can be used to handle EPE, EPP etc. besides EPS waste.

Technical Data



Compression Ratio


Compressed Density

600~800kg/cubic meter

Motor Power Consumption


Small Footprint

1400mm deep and 2900mm long

GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine M-C200 Case Video