Why is a EPS compactor a good choice for EPS foam recycling?

EPS is a very familiar material in our daily life. The food service packaging industry, the electronics packaging industry, the fishing industry, and the logistics industry are the main sources of EPS waste. Its unique properties make EPS more and more widely used, but it is because of its special properties, EPS recycling becomes more problematic. These wastes EPS is very easy in the process of storage collection caused by fire also because of its large size is not convenient for transport.

In recent years, the key to the recycling of these "white pollution" waste is the collection and transportation of foam waste. Due to the lack of technology and professional EPS recycling machine, the recovery rate of EPS in developing countries is very low. Even in developed countries in Europe and the United States, EPS disposal has been mainly to landfill or incineration, so that the soil and air have a certain degree of pollution, but also obviously not suitable for the shortage of land resources in the country.

Therefore, the GREENMAX EPS Comapctor INTCO recycling is designed with a cold compression technology that is truly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It is easy to operate and has a compression ratio of 50:1. all of which makes it ideal for EPS foam recycling. Depending on the material and volume, we can recommend different models of EPS recycling machines or even custom machines. To date, we have sold nearly 1000 machines worldwide and have received positive feedback from various markets.

Mainfreight, a leading global logistics company, produces 70-100 cubic meters of waste polystyrene and packaging waste per week from opening white goods and furniture packaging because of appliance transportation. After a period of using the recycling machine, Mainfreight's director praised the polystyrene recycling as not only saving NZ$50,000 per year in waste disposal bonuses, but also bringing in nearly NZ$2W per year in revenue. It also contributes to the protection of the environment.

To sum up, EPS compactor a good choice for EPS foam recycling and solving EPS waste problem. Choosing GREENMAX is the same as choosing one of the world's most professional EPS recycling teams and the most stable partners.