GREENMAX Provides a Customized Recycling Solution for Problematic EPS Waste

In 2018, the Australian packaging industry and government committed to the 2025 National Packaging Targets (2025 Targets) which are reinforced by the National Waste Policy and National Waste Policy Action Plan. One of the 2025 Targets is to phase out problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging by 2025, mainly disposable plastic packaging made by expanded polystyrene, also known as EPS.

As mentioned in the previous articles, EPS packaging like food containers, delivery boxes and other items has brought great convenience to society, but the issue with problematic and unnecessary EPS waste is their unsustainable low recycling rates,high rates of disposal to landfill, and their significant impact as litter. Taking into account the need for Australia to develop a circular economy, it is imperative to gradually replace  problematic EPS materials, but it is more feasible to efficiently recycle EPS waste in the short term.

In some major cities in Australia, EPS Recycling is relatively mature. Many waste management companies and recycling centers are equipped with professional EPS recycling machines, which are used to reduce the volume of EPS waste in large quantities to improve recycling efficiency. But in some remote areas, there is still a misunderstanding that eps cannot be recycled. Actually, EPS foam is composed of 98% air and can be 100% recycled. Just equipped with an EPS recycling machine, the bulky EPS packaging can be compressed into dense blocks at a compression ratio with 50:1, then the compressed EPS blocks will be further processed into new products like photo frames to be sold on the market again, turning problematic EPS waste into profitable goods.

GREENMAX is the brand of EPS recycling machine manufactured by INTCO Recycling - the leading company which provides customized EPS recycling solutions. The GREENMAX team designs a personalized recycling solution based on the customer's site, material density and size, and budget, then recommends suitable models of recycling machines to meet the differentiated needs of customers.

GREENMAX has served over 100 businesses and organizations across Australia and New Zealand in the past 10 years. If you are struggling with dealing with the problematic EPS waste, please contact GREENMAX to get your tailored EPS recycling solution.