GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine perfectly handles waste EPS insulation panels in Australian Construction Industry

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is widely in insulated concrete forms and structural insulated panels, since it has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, light weight, etc. Sandwich EPS insulation panels are popular in the construction industry in Australia and New Zealand, and can be  used in cold storage rooms, patios, garages, roofs, floors, etc.

During the process of making EPS insulation panels, there is EPS trimming, EPS dust/offcuts or some unqualified products will  generate, a large number of gatherings not only pose safety hazards, but also have high costs for storage and transportation. How to safely handle the EPS dust and leftovers generated during the cutting process of these EPS insulation boards has become a major concern for many builders in the construction industry. Here comes the professional EPS recycling equipment - GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine.

The GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine is a high-quality EPS recycling machine equipped with the EPS dust collection and melting system, which ensures the EPS dust can be collected and melted into blocks without any dust hazards. Put the EPS dust into the Polystyrene Melting Machine directly or load it in a big bag and drop it to the melter slowly, then EPS dust will be melted after heating, and the melted EPS dust is squeezed out. After cooling and extrusion, the foaming powder becomes a compact EPS ingot, and the volume reduction ratio can reach 90: 1. In this way, the labor is saved a lot, and the melted EPS ingots will save much storage space and create profits by selling it to the recyclers.

For example, Bondor, the Australian leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels for walling & roofing, bought a GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine to dispose of EPS dust and off-cut in 2020, greatly improved the sanitary environment of the factory and eliminated the potential explosion hazard caused by EPS dust accumulation. More importantly, the GREENMAX Polystyrene Melting Machine not only improves the efficiency of processing EPS dust and offcuts, but also reduces labor costs, which helps Bondor get more profit in the long run.

If you are struggling with disposal of waste EPS in your factory or interested in starting your EPS recycling business, please contact us for a custom-designed recycling solution. GREENMAX will be your right-hand man just a phone call away.