GREENMAX EPS recycling machine contributes to the postponement of the Earth Overshoot Day

Do you know that this year's Earth Overshoot Day is one of the earliest on record? This year, the Earth's ability to support life each year is earlier than at any other time in history, and Earth Overshoot Day marks the year "when human demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds the Earth's ability to regenerate in that year." EPS as a kind of plastic caused by white pollution is undoubtedly a big burden on the planet.

While the idea of cleaning up an EPS-covered planet is daunting, we can stop adding to the existing mess for example by recycling through professional EPS recycling machines instead of using disposable EPS. The GREENMAX EPS compactor as a recycling machine first crushes the foam and then compresses it by physically squeezing it with a screw. On one hand, it can reduce the volume and transportation cost of EPS, on the other hand, it can provide a higher density of material for the later crushing process and improve the efficiency of the material. Compressed EPS can be reused, thus reducing the burden on the planet.

Recycled polystyrene can be manufactured into high quality recycled PS plastic granules through EPS compactor, with purity up to 99% and quality close to the level of pure new material, which can be widely used in insulation board industry, food packaging material industry and garment industry. Eco-friendly frame products involve photo frames, mirror frames, picture frames, dressing mirrors, decorative paintings, etc., which are widely used in home decoration and art framing industries in various industries all over the world. Using recycled products protects our global environment and avoids the alarming environmental degradation that comes from manufacturing new products from scratch.

Please use the bad news about the earliest-ever Earth Overload Day as an opportunity for change. These steps are the fruits of sustainable living within reach. Please trust the professionalism of GREENMAX, GREENMAX EPS recycling machine contributes to the postponement of the Earth Overshoot Day.