How is the GREENMAX EPS Foam Recycling Machine composed?

In the previous article, you may have a basic understanding of GREENMAX EPS Recycling Machine. The principle of the foam recycling machine is to compress the foam into blocks with a spiral compression mechanism. When in use, the operator only needs to put the foam block into the hopper, and the machine has a shredding mechanism to break the foam block, and then the screw mechanism squeezes the small block of foam into a compressed block with a square section.

Foam recycling machine adopts several common forms such as cold pressing, hot pressing, hot melting and hydraulic pressure. There is a pressure adjusting device at the front end of the compression section to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of the raw materials, the compression ratio can reach 50~90 times to achieve the purpose of reducing the volume of the foam to facilitate long-distance transportation.

Tailored Discharge Opening Part

For the foam discharge opening part, GREENMAX can tailor the pressing rod to speed up the foam blanking and the baffle to suppress the excessively fast blanking according to the different density of the raw materials. The customer can choose according to their own conditions。

High-carbon Chromium Bearing Steel Screw

The material of the screw rod is made of high-carbon chromium bearing steel, which not only improves the wear resistance of the entire screw, but also relatively improves the rust resistance of the screw and increases the service life of the screw.

Smart Temperature Control Device

In the temperature control part, according to the problems encountered by users in practice, a temperature control device is added to the GREENMAX foam recycling machine, which not only avoids the trouble of host wiring, but also solves the problem of temperature measurement.

Double Screen Changer Head

The grinding head part adopts a double screen changer head, which solves the trouble of the original machine when the screen is changed and then reheats, saving time and economic costs. At the same time, the hydraulic screen changer head is produced according to the customer's needs, which has the advantages of no material leakage, energy and time saving, and easy operation, greatly increased the output of the equipment.

The first thing to consider when making the recycling equipment is that there is no danger. When the foam recycling machine is working, one is the problem of high temperature burns, and the other is the circuit. GREENMAX foam recycling machine is equipped with a full set of high-temperature safety, and a full-covered shield is used to ensure the stability of the motor during operation.

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